Making sure your property is protected

The MOEM Headquarters in Meru, Klang

With over twenty years of experience in fabricating steel based products, our safes are reknowned for their reliability and durability. Rigorously tested by international and independent accreditation bodies, we guarantee high levels of standard and quality. Our safes are certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and have won countless awards over the years.


For many years, we have been trusted to provide safety and security with our range of bespoke and ready-made safes to our clientele, with 100% customer satisfaction. Our clientele ranges from established financial institutions, insurance companies, retail outlets, high value jewelry and pawn shops, cash-in-transit and security companies, as well as government and military institutions.


Our team of experts are committed to innovation and research since our inception. We are constantly discovering ways to incorporate new technologies, providing unique and practical designs in safe-design and protection through our state-of-the-art R&D centre.

We strive to be industry leaders by continuously learning and adapting to the ever changing consumer’s desires, Ensuring our customers benefit from our stringent quality assurance and control procedures.

Our state-of-the-art R&D center

Malaysian-made, Regionally Trusted

Our heart of all our manufacturing, research and development and processes operate out of the strategic hub that is Malaysia, providing holistic solutions for all your security needs. 

All our safes, security products and fire-resistant cabinets are made in Malaysia, and are trusted by our clients regionally due to the quality of our products.

Proud to be Malaysian!


At MOEMSafe we are serious about conserving the environment. We have taken a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility by setting stringent internal targets which exceed the regulatory standards of local and global authorities.

We recognise that our business activities can impact communities and are mindful of our duty to uphold responsible practices. 

We utilise eco-friendly machinery, using zero hydraulic oil, minimalises on waste, and coat our safes with a certified low ecological effect powder coating.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and practicing sustainable manufacturing.  

"Sustainability is the path for the future"