The M-Locks MiniTech Lock system is a complete solution for demand for a lock for multiple users (up to 48), time lock and audit date and time. The system offers the choice of an entry unit with or without Dallas reader and the combination with various types of locks as Straightbolt, Rotobolt and Motor. The system optionally has the possibility for the generation of dynamic codes.

The M-Locks MiniTech has support for seven languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, and has a LCD screen for easy programming and user code entry.

  • 6-digit User Code with 1 million possible combinations
  • Multi-override users enabled
  • Multi-user capacity, up to 48 unique users
  • Multi-lock options up to 2 unique locking systems
  • 9-Volt Battery powers the system, with battery signal to indicate low battery
  • 4,000+ openings on a 9-Volt Battery
  • 5-minute Penalty LockOut upon entry of 4  incorrect codes
  • Time Delay enabled
  • Customisable with other M-Locks compartment fits
  • LCD Screen for easy programming and user code entry
  • Customisable with Motorlock, Rotobolt or Straightbolt lock systems

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