Evo Series

The MOEM Evo Series safe upholds  the highest global standards of defence against the most extreme of attacks. Only those who know quality choose the Evo Series as their first choice. Thanks to stringent testing and comprehensive specifications, provides vigorous protections against diamond coring attacks and other physical attacks – including drilling, oxy-acetylene, hydraulic jack and other mechanical tools – you’ll never worry again knowing MOEMSafe are committed to securing you against any unwanted infiltrations. Perfect for international banking, business-to-business and commerce executives everywhere.


  • Overall door thickness of 155mm
  • Fortified by a solid core of specially formulated MOEM-standard MT metal-mix thermo-alloy barrier material
  • Reinforced with anti-penetration bar and hardened chip-encased between a monolithic construction of heavy steel press-formed plates with additional lock case
  • Incorporated ACM barrier material as an added defence against diamond coring attacks


  • Overall body thickness of 105mm
  • Prioritises defence versus diamond coring attacks, with incorporated ACM barrier material
  • Reinforced by a sturdy core of specially formulated MT metal-mix thermo-alloy barrier material
  • Superior strength and highly protective nature derived from its monolithic structure and consistent density


  • Offers maximum protection versus mechanical and explosive forced entry with heavy-duty, 3-way full-length solid steel bolts measuring 38mm in diameter reinforcing body sections
  • Anchored protection of the safe’s back through uniformly reinforced, monolithic interlocking system of 155mm thickness
  • Bolts ensure door remains sealed and locked in the event of hinge destruction or explosive attack


  • Multi-lock system protected by one key lock (VDS/UL Listed) and a 3-wheel keyless combination lock (EN/UL Listed) with 1,000,000 combination variations
  • Additional structural protections to the locking mechanism furnished by defensive MOEM-approved MST-hardened steel alloy
  • Add further security by upgrading your safe to a Digital Lock!


  • Automatic activation of bolt seizure upon mechanical and explosive entry attempt via a live and dead re-locking device
  • Safeguards using two systems: live re-locking provides parallel protection, while dead re-locking operates independently from the locks


  • Light, smooth bolt movement via incorporated gyro-gearing mechanism
  • Allows maximum throwing of the bolts
  • *Available with EV-5 & EV-6 GT Models


  • 24-hour depository system
  • Envelope slot
  • Internal drawers
  • Gun racks with ammunition storage compartments
  • Anti-arc barrier material
  • Micro-switch alarm
  • Other bespoke adjustments

Digital lock




Pro Logic


Mini Tech

time lock

Time lock allows the user to set periods during which the lock may be operated, e.g. during business hours only. The options available will vary between locks.


2 Movement


3 Movement

Internal Drawers (Ask our Representatives for Drawer Configuration)

Gun Racks with Ammunition Storage Compartments
Front Trap

Back Trap

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