VaultRoom Door

If you are looking to secure large quantities of prized possessions and valuables, you need no less than the highest standard of security to contain your assets.

Presenting MOEM’s MH-Series Vault Door – designed in accordance with strict international standards and test specifications, this range of vault doors exceeds international banking and commerce requirements against sophisticated burglar and fire attacks.

Our vault doors also feature a range of protective door thicknesses that range from 25mm to 115mm. Whatever your specialist needs are, MOEMSafe is here to cater to them.

Available Models: MH-90, MH-115

Door & Protection

  • Overall door thickness ranging from 90mm to 115mm
  • Fortified by a solid core of a specially formulated MOEM MT metal-mix thermo-alloy barrier material encased between the heavy steel-pressed door
  • Reinforced anti-penetration bars and hardened chips
  • Designed to resist explosive, physical and chemical attacks such as high speed drilling, oxy-acetelene attacks, hydraulic jacks and mechanical attacks
  • Automatic activation of bolt seizure upon mechanical and explosive entry attempt via a live and dead relocking device
  • Safeguarding using two systems: live relocking provides parallel protections, while dead relocking operates independently from the locks


  • Maximum protection via series of heavy-duty, full-length solid steel bolts – 38mm in diameter
  • Secured by 16 heavy-duty running bolts, and full length interlocking rebate
  • Light, smooth bolt movement via incorporated gyro-gearing mechanism
  • Allows maximum throwing of the bolts
  • Bolts ensure door remains sealed and locked in the event of hinge destruction of hydraulic jack attack


  • Protected by a 7-level key lock (VDS/UL Listed) and one 3-wheel keyless combination lock, with over 1,000,000 combination variations

Digital lock




Pro Logic


Mini Tech

time lock

Time lock allows the user to set periods during which the lock may be operated, e.g. during business hours only. The options available will vary between locks.


2 Movement


3 Movement


MH-Series Vault Door is available in high quality painted finish and also available in stainless steel finish to accommodate user

Grille Gate

Vault Door can be fitted with grille gate to allow for ventilation of the vault during operation hours. Secured by two mortice locks.

 MH-Series Vault Door

Technical specifications for installation of MH 90 & MH 115