Making sure your property is protected

Against burglary, fire, or any other threat, the right protection is vital. When choosing a safe, vault of security product, you should never be in doubt about the quality and the effectiveness of your acquired solution. That is why our products are rigorously tested and certified by industry-leading certification bodies. We go out of our way to making certain our products are of the highest quality, so that you can rest easy knowing that your valuables are kept safe.

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The SP Headquarters in Sweden


RISE (RESEARCH INSTITUTES OF SWEDEN) is a leading body in the field of safe manufacture certifications.

Issued only by RISE, the P-symbol seal of approval ensures the highest of quality, and ensures that the product meets legal and regulatory requirements as well as meets the most stringent requirements demanded by the market.

Offering the widest range of certification services in Sweden, their certification process involves an exhaustive examination of everything from a client's organisational structure to finished products. When you see a product showcasing their certified logo, you can expect that there is a deep understanding of the process flow, improved safety and a high level of awareness on environmental and sustainability aspects.

Their experienced assessors, their leading edge competence in the field and unique access to world-class research makes their certificates trustworthy and well sought after.

Learn more about RISE at their official website.

Fire Tests

To prove that our safes are heat durable, they are tested in 945°C furnaces for an hour.

Heat Resistant safes are supposed to provide an hour of protection for papers, keeping temperature below 177°C, the point at which paper combusts. Our safes are able to keep internal temperatures at a maximum of 150°C during that period, proving why our safes are rightly awarded the 60-minute fire resistant criteria.

Burglar and Diamond Coring Tests

Testing durability, our safes undergo various attacks and intrusion methods such as oxy-acetylene attacks, jack-hammer attacks, high-speed drilling, sledge hammer and other impact tools. Diamond core drills are used to show that our safes are designed to provide resistance against a diamond coring attack in accordance with rigid international standards and test specifications. For more information pertaining to test method and products, send us a product enquiry!


When buying a safe, you determine the best by the product quality, reliability and the service received. That is why we are certain our safes cater exactly to your requirements. We ensure all our safes are certified burglary and fire-resistant, and are proud to hold many certifications granted by RISE, leaving you assured that we are one of the best in the business.